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Angel AirAsia X upcoming Interview - Jeddah base

Hello everyone ,

didnt know where to post this (in middle east section or asia) so i posted here first

i have an upcoming interview in a couple of weeks with Airasia X for FO on A330 .

this will be my career step to wide bodies .

i would like to know from any of you who have some background with X ..
-how is the interview like?
-what is the interview process?
-is it done on A320 sim or A330?
-and what resourced do you recommend i should use for preparing?

i have seen previous posts on this forum..but all in 2011,so i assume things have changed..

everyone said Ace the tech interview is their source of interview question .
-is that still the source? and what chapters do you recommend to press on ?

also i have seen that operation from jeddah is only to KLIA ..and heard from someone sometime ago they fly only 1 route ,jeddah to KL,is that true?

finally ,,i have to sum up with one of those questions ,
how is their onboard crew rest area/beds?
(looking at their interior tho,,i would say they have none at all )

please dont give sarcastic answers and comments,,

have something useful or worth sharing for the sake of everyone here

thanks for your time in advance

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