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Originally Posted by K1000
Most of the complaints I see are from people in Europe and North America, and as a pilot who has been in Europe and USA I guess it's much better to work and live in Europe and USA and there are better Jobs in Europe and in USA.
Actually, majority of the complaints are from Europe! The other thing that you should consider is the person's previous flying background. If one came from an airline having 20 days off, 2-4-trips a month, etc, of course that person is going to complain if one has only 8 days off, 8-10 trips a month, etc. But if you asked the guy who came from a low cost airline or a regional airline, you will hear a completely diffident tune.

Originally Posted by K1000
I don't have a problem in following a SOP,
Good, knowing your SOPs is paramount here! Usually pilots are terminated, not for any one reason, but for multiple reasons added together. Of course, you do something that not fitting of person with good character, you can bet you will find yourself terminated.

Originally Posted by K1000
but I get really scared of how many people complain and say how it isn't enough to live in Qatar for what you get paid, or how rosters are crazy and the company has very strict rules.
Again, it depends on your situation. Are you single or married w/kids, FO or DEC.

These are just avg amounts for above normal living ...

Housing - 12k-16k QAR Qatar Properties to Rent | Rent Property in Doha & all over Qatar - propertyfinder.qa
Utilities - 500- 800 QAR
Phone - 100- 200 QAR Ooredoo - or Vodafone Qatar: iPhone, Blackberry, Postpaid Plans, Prepaid Plans, Internet
Food - 1k-2k QAR
Internet - See above links
Transportation - Rent (1800 -3500 QAR)
Education - various on # of children

3.65 QAR = 1 USD

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