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Final update on 'The Saga of the Snake'.

Got home early Thursday night only to find the Mrs. with a big smirk on her face. I figured by the time I got home she would have been hiding in the bathroom with the door locked. She informed me that she finally found the courage to do battle with "Sammy the Snake" (her words, not mine) and retrieved 'ye big shovel' from the shed. With shovel and hand, and standing on the rocking bench we have on the front deck she (mistakenly) pummeled the snake a few times in the middle of its body and then went running back inside. She waited 5 or so minutes and then we she went back outside to see her handiwork Sammy the Snake was gone.

She was very proud of herself - as I was because the Mrs. is such a girl - and thought that was the end of it. (I didn't want to tell her that unless the snake's head was decapitated it may well show up again.)

Saturday afternoon the Mrs. and I went for a hike. I could tell from her swiveling head that she was definitely scoping out the various paths we hiked upon for "moving sticks." The hike was uneventful.

As we got back onto the road leading to our house, which is at the bottom of a very steep hill, I could tell that "something" at the top of the hill appeared to be a very large "stick". (Flash back to Friday and the frantic call. The snake had mysteriously grown from 5-6' to 8'.)

As we got closer to the "stick" I tried to keep her mind away from the site ahead. When we got within 10' of the "stick" she realized what it was. It was, ta da, The Return of Sammy the Snake. Well, sure enough, the Mrs. was not exaggerating. This snake was at least 6' long. It was kind of difficult to tell if it might have been longer as it was coiled in certain areas. Areas which looked like a shovel had given it a whack!

He was crossing the road probably on the way to see if there was something better than Campbell's Tomato soup being served today. She, of course realizing this, fled to the house and asked me to deal with it. Fine. Went to the house, picked up the big-ass shovel, went to Sammy the Snake, told him to say his last prayers and proceeded to decapitate him. Bye....bye....Sammy.

Sammy's wake was last night and his funeral is scheduled for today. Donations, in lieu of flowers, are appreciated.

After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that Sammy the Snake was an Eastern ratsnake which are common to our area of Connecticrap. they can grow to 7' in length!

The End

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