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So disappointed with how I did my Swift comprehension aptitude tests. Can't believe it! The time limit puts so much pressure! Only done 5 out of 8 questions on Error checking and I think I did them all well, Numerical Comprehension was my best bit, think I only ran out of time on one of the questions and pretty much sure all others were correct, but then Verbal Comprehension was a mess. The text printed on the left side was so long and the letters were small. Took so much time to go through it. I don't even remember at what point the time ran out and how many of those I've actually done in the end. I simply can't believe I found it so hard bearing in mind I am a linguist! Feel so down now, think there is no chance I passed.
It probably didn't help I was upset all day about some bad news and my hand was shaky a bit. I have underestimated the whole thing, thought that the initial tests can't be that hard, so decided not to rest and wait till tomz. I wish I did.

Generally, the test is not hard at all but there is not much time. And my advice is not to skip the question and hope you can get to it later, there is no time for that! I missed on 2 questions as I was unsure and wanted to go back to them. Takes some precious seconds to click back through the questions and before you know it, you're out of time...
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