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Stage 2 used to be all computer based but it has changed I believe. It tells you a little about what to expect on the NATS website but basically be prepared to spend a large part of the day in front of a computer.
The exam is based of the learning material they send you and as long as you put the work in and learn everything they send you, then you will have no problem with the exam.
For the computer tests (FEAST and DART) you will need to have 100% concentration throughout the day so get a good nights sleep. Having been through them in the military and now NATS, I am of the opinion that you canít learn or practice the aptitudes, but I am sure there are those that will come on here and disagree with me. Good luck with it all.


There are always different stages going on at the same time so just because people are at stage 2 or 3 doesn't necessarily mean you have missed out.
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