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Frack v. frac....either way, there's no denying the word's appeal to the anti-technology crowd. It has the requisite 'f' and 'k' sound, has a short, simple syllable, and can be used as a noun, verb or adjective.

In short, it rhymes well in protest songs, fits easily on protest signs, has an edgy tone, and Yoko Ono has embraced it. The ideal rallying cry for the uninformed and unemployed.

Meanwhile bright young engineers are on the cutting edge of an incredible new technology with horizontal drilling. They can survey thin layers of shale rock, thousands of meters below ground, and guide the drill with pinpoint accuracy.

They are developing exciting new technologies that help humankind and worry the sand pit robe-wearers. All while their counterparts in the protest movement bang drums and compare dreadlocks.
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