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What would be wrong with "fracturing".
Nothing, but I'm guessing that, as in most industries, people involved liked to invent jargon that identifies them as an "insider"
From the first time I was involved with drilling (1968) the process was always referred to as a 'frac', as in, 'we'll be doing a 'frac' job on well XXX tomorrow'.

Or even better when one had an interest in the well, 'Holy crapola, after the 'frac' we're flowing 15,000,000 cubic feet of gas a day!"

Then on the other hand when one wished he didn't have an interest in the well, "Crap, we fraced the well and it stopped flowing."

Heard that last one a few times as well.

By the way, on deep wells, those deeper than 10,000 feet, it is very unusual to have to frac, they are usualy self flowing.

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