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Ecletic - That's a shame. There's a lot of bent coppers, probably more than people realise, but they're outnumbered by the good ones.

I did jury service a while back and it was hugely interesting in many ways. The first case was a of chap being done for burglary. The police had done their homework (including DNA) and he hadn't.

It was handy being a local for this one because some of his lies about where he was at the time of the burglary were uneasily unpicked by the bulk of us on the jury that knew the area. Guilty. Four years.

The second case was a guy accused of sexual assault. Why the CPS went forward with this case I will never know. The prosecution police contradicted each other, the two main witnesses did the same.

The defence had done their work this time, including video evidence.

I was jury foreman and when we retired I asked for a show of hands for guilty or not guilty. Unanimous. Not guilty.

So I played Devil's Advocate to give the girls a chance. Nope. Not guilty.

Both decisions were right. I am convinced of that. I felt that all the jurors were aware of the seriousness of what they were doing. One didn't want to be there, he was a musician and was losing work and money. But he did his job and at the end said it was humbling (but that was enough thank you).

Just my experience.
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