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When I eventually had to do jury service a few years ago (having had legitimate work-related reasons to avoid it on two previous occasions) we were all warned very clearly as to what we could not do in the initial briefing before being sworn in, and the penalties for not following the law were made clear. IIRC there were also very clear written rules on the paperwork calling me for jury service. We weren't allowed to take phones or any other device into the court or jury room, neither were we allowed to take any bit of paper out of the jury room, all our personal notes, copies of statements etc were looked after by the jury clerk.

The actions of both these jurors were a deliberate and flagrant contempt of court; they knew what they were doing was prohibited by law yet they both still chose to take the risk. I've no sympathy with either of them.

I do understand the loss of earnings issue, and that it is a serious problem for the self-employed, in particular. However, I believe that there is a route by which someone summonsed for jury service can appeal against it on the basis of financial hardship. I know from personal experience that those in certain professions can be exempted on the basis of their employer making a request, too.
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