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I know that you want to attract people, but please dont write things wich are not true.
I don't have a dog in this fight, it's not up to me "to attract people".

Attaking me will not give you any credibility, the people have eyes and can read the Cebu threads and your posts.
No one is attacking you, just pointing out that you are deliberately putting out false information

And still-salary:
As a captain you get something between 190K and 250K PHP A320 and ATR72 (4000 and 5000 USD) after tax.
Well, I am pretty good at math, and your numbers simply don't add up. Again, you and your buddies keep ignoring the fact there is a base pay also and are distorting the pay numbers.

I have the current contract right here in front of me and your information is inaccurate if not deliberately misleading.

Here is my reply in another thread on CP on the true numbers for a A320 Captain:

OK, let me show you the math then:

USD 53 per hour (1-60 hours block)
USD 62 per hour (61 hours and above)

So on 85 hours "productivity pay" (aka "flight pay") the total is:

$4730 US (this is tax free)
$3000 US base pay (taxed)
$7730 Sub Total
$ 140 "check in allowance" (transportation)
$7870 TOTAL

There is also field reserve pay that can figure into the amount, and also remember we are converting to US dollars.
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