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Bowling Alleys

In the '70s and right up to the '90s quite a few RAF Stations had bowling alleys:

St Athan; Wyton;Leuchars; Leeming; Coningsby; Akrotiri; Henlow (I think); Marham; Valley andothers.

The bowl managers all used to keep in touch with each other and they used to share information, ideas, equipment and tools, as well as organizing tournaments.

They were a bit of a secret society and they had cottoned on to the concept of sharing bestpractice at a time when that was not so fashionable as it is today.

The bowl managers were paid a pittance but they worked long, hard hours. As well as 10 pin bowling, they provided a unique, all ranks venue for all sorts of functions, drinks and in some cases eats. I can testify that at least one of the bowling alleys hosted a wedding reception. Some of them used to stage an annual barbeque and a Christmas event.

The fact is that these guys( often retired SNCOs) were underpaid and overworked but they provided a service which, at times, was central to the life of the Station.

So from me this is a salute to the RAF Station bowling managers. Let's see your stories about the bowl on your station.

Rgds SOS

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