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A few observations:

1. At the end of a long dark night across the pond, none of us are as sharp as we might like to be and that results in a little lax RT - our colonial cousins are not the only culprits by a long way.

2. The shambolic situation at Spanish airports continues unabated. In busy ATC environments, the use of local language reduces dramatically pilots understanding of who is where in the sky. It is not because they cannot speak English, it is because they cannot be bothered to do so or are making some political point.

3. Some GA pilots in the UK, when talking to major ATC units on those weekend afternoons are far too verbose and need to learn not only when to speak but also how much to say.

4. Why do ATIS broadcasts in the US need to be made at such a frenetic pace ? At Sanford it usually takes me about three runs to get all the information down and that is sitting on stand with engines shut down. How on earth the light aircraft fraternity manage with one hand on the stick and another on their chinagraph is beyond me - slow down please !

5. The 'guard police' are still at it all over the world - we all make mistakes, don't get so punchy !

6. Do the Americans actually go on a course of instruction to adopt that lazy comfortable southern drawl

And finally, last night I followed an Easyjet airbus all the way from Turkey to the UK. The poor kid in presumably the RHS, managed to screw up every RT call from the eastern Med to blighty. It became quite amusing after a while; his Captain must have been giving him a very hard time or was 'resting' after a long day. Don't worry son, you will get there in the end !
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