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The first piece of good news (apart from the fact it is happening) I read about this recruitment drive by Jet 2 was that the 'compass test' might have been ditched but my heart sank when I read mention of the awful preliminary phone interview remaining in place.

I sincerely hope that 'your fate' won't rest with a 500hr first officer who has been thrown on the end of a phone, having just worked the early return from Palma, with a tick-box questionnaire.

Jet 2 lost the opportunity to recruit many good people when they first went down this route by asking questions about the (as then) uncertain terms and conditions that changed as the process went on.

If your answer over the phone at the time didn't fit with with their ideal answer eg are you prepared to pay for your type rating - answer 'no' - then that was the end of your beautiful relationship with Jet 2. The galling part was to discover that a few weeks later (post another review of T&Cs on offer) answering 'no' might have been OK if the question had even still been on the list.

The key to success appears to be to sound polite, cheerful and enthusiastic over the phone and say 'yes' to everything. You can argue the toss at a later stage.

Better still would be to get rid of the phone process entirely. The recruiters should be able to sort the wheat from the chaff from the application itself.

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