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I would also suspect that some of us here are in fact ex-Jet2, and could offer some valuable advice and a different perspective on the airline.

IMHO Jet2 is no career airline. Good enough as a stepping stone to something else, or indeed, finishing off your career.
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It's great that after all these years you continue to show an interest in your ex-employer. I hope that your current paymaster will engender the same affection in the years ahead.

Your profile and previous posts suggest that you left Jet2 when it had circa 200 pilots and 28ish aircraft? Based on that foundation you offer the "valuable" advice of dismissing Jet2 as a career airline. In acknowledgement of your IMHO, I would politely suggest that much has changed since you left not least circa 500 pilots and 60ish aircraft with significant growth planned over the next 2 years at least.

Whilst there are always areas for improvement I think StopStart has made some very valid points.

I wish you all the very best in the Utopia of your current employment.

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