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Well said StopStart and if BA don't get back to you with that DE CP job, well you can always join Monarch (rumoured large NG order pending) or Norwegian who will pay you a 100% year round and rather more than what is on offer from Yorkshire favourite airline and which ever way you cut it your still on 70% of the going rate for the job.

I'm told that Morrison's in Yeadon & Leeds city council are more than happy to accept that you pay only 70% of your bill at the check out, ditto your rates and mortgage with Bradford & Bingley

There is a vouch code on your rates bill, just enter (Jet2 Friendly low wage airline)

All joking aside, the are a good company and a friendly bunch, 99% of the pilot management very strongly disagree with this 70% lark, because its not really a seasonal contract i.e. you are employed year round but at 70% of some other pilots and you can't clear off and work somewhere else over the winter and continue to receive your 70%.

The life span of this scheme will be seriously tested in 2014, my understanding is that if you apply and are successful and accept a position starting next spring then your contract will have a recoverable penalty running at around 7k if you sign but fail to show up next year, needless to say it doesn't work the other way round if their business plan changes.

The big plus is that you get to work/live in EDI/GLA BPL/MAN LBA NCL and for many that will swing it
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