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I think we need a hymn sheet to sing off, how about;
R22 autorotation engine off landing to a power recovery | Helicopter Lessons

Once we’re into wind at 70 knots, we lower the collective lever (with right pedal for yaw), roll the throttle off, and check up on the collective to prevent the rotors overspeeding, and add a touch of aft cyclic to achieve airspeed of 60kts.

So we’re now in a descent at about 1650feet per minute, with the rotor speed needle at 100%, the engine speed needle at idle, the wings level relative to the horizon, in trim, and looking out for drift. It’s quite a stable and manoeuvrable flight condition, as long as we are careful to keep the rotorspeed accurate. So we can put turns in (as in the video here) to shorten our travel over the ground, we can even do a 360 orbit if we have enough height.
60 kts @ 1650'/min sound ok?

1 mile at 60 kts would take 1 minute, then it starts to get complicated
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