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what kind of jobs are open to me besides flight instructor?
Honestly? not many.
To find out, why not spend some time researching the job market, looking for actual jobs that you could do with those qualifications (as a minimum).
you'll find that there aren't many.

Then, do a bit of research as to how many people go through the training to get the same level of qualifications...

What you will find is that the odds are not in your favour.

Only you can decide if you have the tenacity to actually get a job flying. You will not find it easy, or even hard, or even very hard, you will find it close to impossible. That doesn't mean you won't get a job, but it means you will work harder to get that first job than you can possibly imagine at this point.

You say you have a friend who flies, and might be able to network, why not talk to them about your chances of working for/with them with minimal qualifications. Maybe they can give you some encouragement.

My advice, is to fly for fun, get your PPL, get a nice job doing something you like to do, and fly on the weekends. Then flying will never be a chore, but only a pleasure.
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