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I am aware that the job pays very poorly at first (10-15yrs) and that it's very expensive. Everyone talks about those two topics. But I know this is what I want to do later on. I have an appointment with an AME in Paris who will tell be whether I can get an FAA or EASA class 1 medical. It would be a lot easier for me to stay in Europe (financially speaking) and because there are some great flight schools here with Modular or Integrated flight training.

One more question: Lets say I go to the USA and join a flight school (Pan Am academy for example). I start at 18 and finish before my 19th birthday. I will have my PPL, IR/ME, and CPL. Considering I have only that, what kind of jobs are open to me besides flight instructor? Oh and we know a pilot who owns his own corporate/charter company so maybe networking and asking around there might be the way to go!
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