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My dream - advice please (collective thread)

Hello everyone! Ever since I was little, I've wanted to become an airline pilot. Now i'm 15 and started my PPL training earlier this year and it's been going very well. I live in France but I was born in the USA and lived there for 14 years and I am fluent in both languages. I finish high school in 2 years so I started looking at some flight schools or colleges. I am most likely not going to stay in France or Europe because I won't be able to get a EASA class 1 medical but I will be able to pass a FAA. Basically, I don't know which path to take to become a pilot... At first I wanted to join a professional pilot program here in Europe which includes all licenses and many ratings as well as some ATP training. But I wont be able to attend because of the class 1 medical problem. So now i'm focused on going back to the United States.

I was thinking of joining a flight school (no college) such as Pan Am academy or Phoenix East Aviation, get my licenses and ratings, however, training only takes 8-12 months and I would be under 23 years of age so I wouldn't even be close to having my ATPL (hours and age requirements) so job wise I would have some trouble, and the fact that I wouldn't have a degree.

Another option is going to a college such as ERAU which looks very nice, plus they have a huge number of different courses. Only problem with a college is that it's very expensive in the USA (I know flight training cost a lot). The advantage with this option is that I would have a degree.

I also have another question: What kind of jobs can "new pilots" (23 years and younger) get? Assuming that they have PPL, IR/ME, and CPL but no ATPL. Do they work for charter airlines? Because last I checked most of them require the ATP written.

Well thats my question . Hope some of you can give my some advice on what I should do. Also, is a degree REALLY preferred in aviation, or is it experience? Because who is most likely to get hired? A 25 year old with a degree and 2000 hours or a 40 year old with 25,000+ hours and no degree...

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