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June 2014

Slopey There was a post on the previous large topic about these, whereby EASA viewed them as advisory rather than mandatory (can't find the link currently)?
Does that change at June 2014?
June 2014 is in the SID. Page 69 of the 152 SID says "The inspections must be completed by June 30, 2014."

I haven't seen the EASA letter but it was on the basis that the SIDs give until June 2014 to complete the inspections that the inspections are being delayed.
I think owners now work on the basis that an average Cessna 152 would still get a few thousand for scrap value so, if their 152 is considered beyond economic repair, they just sell for scrap and take the hit.

The SIDS do make buying an old Cessna less attractive.
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