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Hi AlphaZuluRomeo,

- Repetition ? I apologize if that book has already been quoted
- Commercial Speach ? I don't think that book can be considered as ad.
- Unsaid "normal law" ? Bernard Ziegler, EPNER Test Pilot, X Engineer knows that has to be mentioned.
- What is said and missed in that book are deliberate provocations, he chosed to associate that to AIRBUS' name, AIRBUS' workers who are allowed to see another message.
- What I found sad, is that this book has been written by Bernard ZIEGLER after the end of the trial of Ste-Odile after many years of justice problems, where he showed he was able to give very acurate precisions.
I was very shocked by the tittle of his book. Really not commercial at all for AIRBUS and for AVIATION.
- Should Bernard ZIEGLER tried to explain a little more that had been misunderstood he could do it freely. He did not chosed that way.
That book is the last image HE wanted to give from himself and his conception of FBW. Once again he decided to say the plane will not stall.
AF447 8 months later showed he was wrong.

Precision : I chosed no sentences out of context

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