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Its hard to make a judgement. I wonder if the fact that the flash has fired in the cockpit (well, it looks that way anyhow), and if the photograph has been processed in Photoshop or similar, leads to the effect it has. That cloud looks rather unnaturally black in my experience, and I have edited enough photos to know how you can really change something quite dramatically quite easily. Any similar cloud at 2000 ft could be made to look worse than it is. Compared to the light beyond the cloud, it looks strangley dark in the foreground.

I know you dont have them, but I'd be wanting to look at Metar's, TAF's, F215 forms and or synoptic charts to know if it really was that bad.

Its definitely wise to be cautious, and to stay well within your own personal, aircraft or license limits, and with time and knowledge make more reasoned judgements about weather anticipated enroute. Once you get beyond the PPL theory, there is a whole host of Apps / Websites that will give reliable and superior information on weather.

I wouldnt look at photos like this though and be put off.
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