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It is pointless trying to blame the power company or airservices because a wire has no balls on it or it is not marked on a topo map. I remember a power company employee at an ag conference once admitting that they simply don't know where all the wires are. The excuse was something like a lot of old paper records were lost when a building was flooded. As the power companies get bigger and make redundant more of the local staff with the local knowledge it will only get worse. So don't hold your breath waiting for some digital data base to appear showing all wires. It would only create a liability issue for the power company so they are not going to go there. Ditto for hanging balls on wires.

If you have to work in the low level environment be suitably trained and qualified. If you are not, stay out of it. There are too many people with these 5 hour so called low level endorsements that seem to think it then gives them the right to go as low as they need to when going from A to B.

I would hope that an experienced low level pilot would not end up in the position old mate in the helicopter did, but if you did , every fibre of your body would be screaming wires. They are part of the low level environment. You are responsible for yourself in this environment. No one else. Wires are front and centre in every thought process. Just because they are not marked on a map doesn't mean they are not there.

We usually get property maps that hopefully are marked with all wires and obstructions. But the first rule is that you don't believe them. You go and look for yourself. And check again. I was once given a paddock map that was supposedly complete. Because there were a few adjacent buildings I quizzed the farmer fairly well about where there might be other wires. No, that was it. Took the first load out to find a 200 foot radio mast in the corner of the paddock complete with guy wires. Never trust the bastards.
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