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Interesting to see this matter is back before the Supreme Court today on appeal. I cannot understand how this pilot continued into deteorating weather, so much so that he found himself very very low; was totally unaware of his position (VCA of Restricted Airspace) and then picked up a wire low level. At what point was this pilot prepared to put his hand up and take responsibility for his actions including a significant amount of damage to an aircraft and risk of death or injury to his passenger? I also note the 3 weather related accidents for this company in a very short space of time with the total loss of 2 aircraft and the death of 2 people? The pilot subject to the court action was the pilot in question of the aircraft involved in the wire strike and, I believe, is now the Chief Pilot of the business. I certainly hope he's changed his attitude towards his duties and responsibilities in this regard?
Just to correct the poster above, Airmanship is about PROFESSIONALISM, FLIGHT DISCIPLINE AND ACCOUNTABILITY. Seems none of these criteria were evoked in the Scone flight.
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