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Nice one I think?

It's a strange opening gambit, the sacrifice of two pawns. One problem with reading the game is the language and phrasing of the report

LS. "In the subdued language of Government and Parliamentary reports, this one could best be described as "explosive".
CP "I agree with Leadsled: Some of the language used by the Committee is extraordinary", etc.
It would be far too easy to enthusiastically read too much into the report; equally easy to under read the implications, without first hand knowledge of how these sort of thing work behind the Green doors.

Mind you, I love the way the "Chambers Report" was repeatedly used by the committee; this cynical, self serving cripple of a report has come back to haunt the 'that man and dobbin' team. It seems the committee have worked out that the pre-emptive decision by McComic, ably and gleefully assisted by Wodger the pilot executioner (part time job) to crucify the other CASA boys and girls, chew up yet another AOC and vilify one more poor bugger of a pilot, all in one fell swoop has been exposed. The remarkable back flip manoeuvre seems to have been given a long hard look as well.

But don't worry Wodger there is a great pile of supporting evidence to keep you busy during the endless dark days of unemployment and the ghosts of Canely Vale to keep you company on the long, cold ride across the Styx.

If CASA legal had one ounce of sense they would immediately start an internal investigation into the doings of the Bankstown boys; before the AFP. If, for no other reason than to cover their very own collective rumps. Wodger and his inutile, dubious 'mates' have left the department flank well and truly exposed. Not just to ridicule; it would be easier (not to mention honourable) to get in first: have the answers ready; and not be dragged into yet another series of embarrassing, public events where legal is once more obliged to defend the indefensible.

The boil is lanced, now to drain the puss.


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