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Frank Burden
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Martin and John will stay in office for as long as possible to retain access to tax payer funded legal protection. When does vicarious liability end and personal liability start? I wonder what the insurers are thinking? I guess CASA being an FMA agency pays its own insurance. Not sure about the ATSB!

The FAA can be expected to downgrade Australia to IASA category 2 - no changes to current level of services or changes to them eg aircraft type plus increased tempo of oversight for aircraft operations likely to affect schedule and profitability. I guess EU will need to consider blacklisting all Australian AOC holders from European airspace.

It certainly is a Martin and John shite heap ably assisted by Ministerial self serving lethargy.

I really feel for ATSB investigators that were trying hard to do their job and were very poorly let down by political expediency and duplicitous senior bureaucrats.

I assume the Secretary of Department of Infrastructure and his loyal staff are blame free of any aspect of the reported behaviours.

Frank Burden
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