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Sunfish, you accuse LL of being a troll, but then ask a question the answer to which is to be found in LL’s post. You asked:
The question to me is if CASA and ATSB will try to brazen it out.
For the reasons explained by LL, perhaps the answer is “yes”.

I agree with LL’s summary of what’s likely to happen (but perhaps I, too, am a troll). (And BTW: CASA office of legal services has nothing to do with “the cost and pace of real reform”. It was all taken out of their hands, a loooooong time ago.)

For the record: I have stated, repeatedly, that in my view CASA’s treatment of DJ compared with Pel-Air is a travesty, and the ATSB’s report is a sick joke.

More for the record.

In my view, Mr Dolan should resign.

In my view, Mr McCormick should resign, just after he sacks the people who manipulated him – albeit taking advantage of his known proclivities - into the circumstances in which he has found himself.

In my view, Airservices comes out of the inquiry looking merely inept, which is a much better look than that of ATSB and CASA.

I agree with Leadsled: Some of the language used by the Committee is extraordinary, but that is unsurprising, given what was said during the hearings.

But just bear in mind who’s ultimately responsible for letting these organisations deteriorate, over a long period of time, to the extent suggested by the Committee's Report.
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