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.Junior FO wage for first two years , base around 60K
onto standard contract after two years or when you get ATPL ,whichever comes first, standard aus contract that is
Can anyone back this up? I just can't find that anywhere in the eBa.

I agree with you slam click, I really doubt my son will try out for the jetstar cadetship. Its just unrealistic in terms of being able to afford to live on such a low income for such a long time especially after investing $140k. We have been looking at how much it would roughly cost to get a cpl, Meir, atpl at bankstown, it is quite achievable to do it for under $70k and at some other areas under $60k, I wonder who is pocketing all this extra money? Because I don't know how doing the cadetship can cost soo much more...

Just another question, do jetstar pilots have progression into qantas mainline or does it only work the other way around as in, qantas mainline pilots can join jetstar under that mou.
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