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I'm a LAME so I don't really know all these things but have these atpl requirements changed? (I have a son who is interested in becoming a pilot but I'm not very keen on him to join the jetstar cadetship)

Meets aeronautical experience requirements as listed in Civil Aviation Regulations (1988) (CAR) Clause 5.172 which are 1,500 hours total flight time that includes 750 hours as a pilot of a recognised or registered aeroplane, including military aircraft. The 750 hours must include:
 250 hours PIC, or
 500 hours ICUS, or
 At least 250 hours flight time (min. 70 hours PIC, and balance as ICUS), and
 200 hours cross-country flight time (can include 100 hours PIC or ICUS), and
 75 hours instrument flight time (may include not more than 30 hours ground time), and  100 hours of flight time at night (dual night flight time is not recognised)
The remaining 750 hours may be flight time logged in aeroplanes, powered aircraft or gliders. The 750 hours may include up to 200 hours logged as a Flight Engineer or Flight Navigator.
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