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Originally Posted by Skymong
Hi FlyingCharlie01- defencejobs.gov has the information on height requirements for a Class 1 medical : Additional Requirements | Pilot - Defence Jobs Australia

They state a minimum height of 163 cm is required, that said I know several people who were told their sitting height was too tall to apply for Army, yet they are now wearing DPU flightsuits.

My advice is to start studying to get the best grades you can, play some team sports, join Cadets or Volunteer Fire Service and look at getting some leadership experience.
This is good advice. From my impression, the selection board are looking for people who apply themselves, not just people who have the aptitude, so starting to study and getting the best grades you can now would be a good way to start.

RE: Height - depending on how badly they want you, they can make a waiver for slight variations from the height requirements.. Whether or not 3 cm is within the acceptable limits however is another question, and one you won't likely find out until you go through the process.

To give you an example, my sitting height is 95.6 cm, 0.6cm more than the maximum for ARA, however my enlistment coordinator has told me that this shouldn't be an issue if I'm competitive enough at FSP.
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