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The AVP at Manchester is franchised out, the operators TAS pay for a licence which in turn is paid for by the hefty parking, restaurant licence and educational visits etc.
Sorry Bagso but you have got this totally wrong. However you are not alone in thinking this.

Actually TAS ( The Aviation Society) do not run the AVP or RVP as its now known.

TAS hold the concession for "The Aviation Shop" and provide the Education and tour guides directly to MAG who operate the Concorde visitor centre, MAG also own and run the Runway visitor park. Car parking is provided by MAG car parks. The restaurant is another separate concession not connected to TAS.

TAS have no say or influence in setting the car park admission prices.

I hope that clears it up.

I do hope MAG do eventually provide a viewing area as the back fence isnt really ideal, no toilets, shops etc. But as already mentioned whatever MAG put money into has to make a return, sadly apart from special event days, Stansted has little to hold the enthusiasts attention.
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