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Well said Lookleft,

I think, (if I translate Kharon's opaque meanderings correctly) that he and his ilk are playing the "My enemy's enemy is my friend" game. But as I said, so little of his running series of in-jokes is intelligible to this poor soul that I'm not sure.

There is nothing that shows up airmanship like the way a crew collectively thinks (and ultimately PIC decides) at the last point, and it is often approaching TOD, at which you can divert to a decent alternate where you have personally ascertained that there's OK WX. To identify shortcomings in this part of the sad saga is not to necessarily dislike DJ or be a paid up member of the CASA Fan Club. It's just common sense.

I think, though again, can't be sure, that Kharon and his mates are pilots of some sort. Or at least hang around pilots. So they should be aware of Rule 1 of CRM: its not Who's right it is What's right that matters.

Having said all of that what would I know?.....I can't even decipher half of the posts on this thread
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