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The Gobbledocks first XI.

Oleo # 1729 -"How about a Mr Aherne, Mr Hart and Mr Stray to begin with? Pilot experience, investigation experience and a reasonable amount of integrity? Then the decapitation of CAsA's senior structure, one swift overnight blow, and the likes of the CAA NZ, FAA and our very own industry experts (there are plenty here) to work together to set up the new structure which would include a finalisation of regulatory reform, an independent and accountable ICC, a AAT not stacked with legal protection an absolute accountability for all newly appointed CAsA and ATSBeaker management."
You don't need to look back many years to see the 'brain drain'; there is some very competent home grown talent gone begging. You could add Bills, Cooke and Davies to the team, but for my money Stray is the catalyst, supported by a good crew, with sane executive management. But first, we need a sort out meeting, starting with exit interviews from some of the past DAS and 'talent' which has departed the fix. This would, with a shove, identify the real, deeply hidden problem areas. It's all too easy to hammer the top dog, but if the 'ills of society' inside the department could be identified and removed, perhaps there could be some faith in a 'new' system.

I have, until recently taken Sunny's much loved sociopath argument with a small amount of scepticism, (as is my wont) but research and reading seem to support the proposition. He's right they have to go. Just looking over the cases where I am absolutely certain of the evidence, a very scary pattern emerges. Using that hypothesis to measure against other 'cases' the pattern becomes clear. There appears two distinct types, them what is and them what isn't. NFI about how to fix it apart from 'tar and feathers'; it's a bit like a normalised deficiency in an operating system. The culture which supports it needs to change and that, operationally at least, is tough stuff.

Anyway ruminations over and no further on. BRB tonight with Barrier on the agenda, so; better crack on and move GD's beloved elephants so the crew can park: Oh, and if you think pony pooh is hard to move, try the Jumbo version. Heigh Ho...

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