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Originally Posted by HJD
i am currently in the USA on an M1 visa and have just completed my Instrument rating and would like to go on for my commercial but would like to change schools to a smaller school. do i have to notify anyone or receive permission to change school for my commercial license and does it have to be a SEVIS approved school?
As soon as you leave a Flight School who are sponsoring your visa - you are immediately out of status. If you want to change schools you need to get that organized whilst still at the first school. Generally it isn't a problem provided you are in good standing with that first school.

Originally Posted by custardpsc
You are technically out of visa status but you also get some leeway to pack up and leave so you could do it that way
If you go out of status for giving up' at the first flight school - then there is no 'grace' period for leaving the country.
If you are found to be out of status - you will be 'invited' to leave.
Any flight school taking you on knowing you to be out of status really puts them at risk.
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