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Sarcs, a prince and an extended oleo....

Sarcs, my dear friend, I always love your work. Not to mention you are a nice guy, willing to give people a chance, that is a good quality, seriously.
However I am a bit more of a cold bastard and simply cannot give Sith Mrdak a chance. Had he or if he proved that he is trying to implement change in his portfolio then I would gladly embrace him with a hearty handshake and maybe even a 'mans handshake', but alas the evidence is nought. The day we wake up one morning and turn on the news to hear that The Minister For Bad Hair, Teeth and Breath has listened to the Sith and taken a long sharp buccaneer blade as well as a gigantic pineapple that will snugly fit into CAsA's giant waste pipe then I will change my view, until such days I proudly remain one of ESSO's ills of society.

The artist formerly known as Prince Niccolo, we meet again on the battlefield old friend! But this time I switch my allegiance to you and fight on the same team. All tautology aside, I agree with your comments, and perhaps this inquiry will fall on deaf ears, true so true. However, when we end up with an AF447 there will be blood on these bastards hands and our collective voices that gathered on PPRuNe day after day warning about how f#cked the system is, how safety oversight and investigative ability had slid into a level so pathetic that safety was at an absolute risk, they will remember.

Fort Fumble and the ATSBeaker have sunk to the depths at which much of AF447 rests (R.I.P innocent souls).
Only a change of such proportion that leaves everybody's heads spinning will have some kind of affect.

No offence to Senator Heff, I believe he is a good man with honourable intent, but in the inquiry post Lockhart he recommended the reintroduction of a CAsA Board, and what did we get? Another layer of crap contributing to the industry's demise. Get rid of this motley group of lawyers and long term spin doctors and appoint a proper board containing industry experts with the necessary knowledge and the capability to paint an accurate and truthful picture of the real issues and state of play. How about a Mr Aherne, Mr Hart and Mr Stray to begin with? Pilot experience, investigation experience and a reasonable amount of integrity? Then the decapitation of CAsA's senior structure, one swift overnight blow, and the likes of the CAA NZ, FAA and our very own industry experts (there are plenty here) to work together to set up the new structure which would include a finalisation of regulatory reform, an independent and accountable ICC, a AAT not stacked with legal protection an absolute accountability for all newly appointed CAsA and ATSBeaker management.

Please Senators, with your influential power, we do not want any more pony tricks with the vast amount of pooh they leave behind for us to navigate through, no more cockroaches hiding under the floorboards of our aviation bureaucracies which come out at night and feast on the carcass of good people trying to create a safe environment.

Gobbles has allowed me to now twice repeat the following phrase (and assures me that there will be no third occasion),

Tick tock

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