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Warning Thread Drift! But this isn’t a serious thread, is it?

Well, I'd like to hear.
For Courtney

Date 1957/8
Place RAF Liaison Party at Base Aérienne 125 Istres, somewhere in the South of France.
We had no a/c of our own, only transient a/c to service.
After getting rid of any a/c that had night stopped, we normally had a bit of a lull in out daily routine before the morning traffic from UK and Malta started arriving. This of course was our ‘NAAFI Break’. Not having any NAAFI we optimised British & French culture.
We brewed tea that we had with fresh croissants that ‘the mail run’ had brought back from town.
One of our ‘regular customers’ were the Valetta’s from Manby. At the end of their courses, they had an ‘exercise’ that was a jolly down to Gibraltar for the weekend. One of these trips someone had excess ‘duty free’ and handed us a bottle of cheap Spanish Brandy.
This was sampled and the unanimous decision was that it was ‘ruff stuff’ and not worth drinking. So it was put on top of a cupboard and forgotten.
Came the day, we suffered from a power outage and couldn't boil our water to make tea. When someone remembered an old petrol powered cooking ring that was stashed away somewhere and the bottle of Spanish Brandy was used as fuel to boil water to brew tea!
It was a tough life, but someone had to do it.
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