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I've been out of the rotary world for quite some time now so my info might well be a bit 'dusty' and out of date but here goes.

CHC Global will look at low hour guys, it would be worth having a look at the sort of placements they offer to get an idea of what sort of work there is but, more importantly, where it is!

Rig flying is difficult in the winter. Flying out of Dyce on a cold, rubbish weather, day in a Goon Suit isn't fun. Watch out for wet decks and mad crane drivers!

Power line surveys and pipeline surveys are quite often the 'starting point'. Dull but pays the bills.

SAR contracts will, generally speaking, go to experienced crews due to the nature of the job. (4500 hours rotary, much of it on SAR units)

All of this is generally irrelevant as it is very tricky to build up turbine or twin turbine time with an IR without considerable financial outlay.

Look for sponsorship deals as most jobs are the classic catch 22, you need experience but you need a job to get experience. It's a tough world and the cost of getting the licence is not reflected in the pay. Certainly in comparison to the fixed wing world.
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