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Originally Posted by joeboxhead
Thanks for the replies.
I am losing weight for myself not for the board I just don't want to be thrown in the unmotivated pile if I show up to DFR overweight. Ive started my training regime now and have since lost 3kgs so all is going well on that path.
I read earlier in this thread about getting kicked off flight school (if i make it that far) if they found out you don't fully disclose your medical history. I was just thinking of getting reports off of my doctor and psychologist stating that I no longer suffer from anxiety before I have my YOU session just to make sure.
Ive set a goal to have my YOU session before July where I am aiming for my weight to be back down to around 80kg so in the meantime I will be working my ass off in the gym and studying up on everything I have learnt from this great thread.
Hey joe,

When I had my medical interview (at assessment day) the doctor was curious about why I had submitted asthma challenge test results so early and he said it had raised a few flags/made it a case of interest and asked why I had done so... I guess they were suspicious that my pre-empting the process without being directed to meant I had something to hide. It was easily explained and it made the process faster, but it might be something to consider if you're thinking about going in day 1 with your medical certificates in hand.


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