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I certainly have various notes on old accidents in my loft, but right now is not the time to get them. However, there's lots on the net, and my research comes up with these notes and thoughts.
  • Management Aviation - did they ever operate Hughes 300s? Thought they were only Hiller operators in terms of small helicopters in those days?
  • The only two 300s which had been registered by mid 1963 on the G register were G-ASBD and G-ASBL
    • G-ASBD this was still around in 1971 - photo here and ended up with a fatal accident in August 1981
    • G-ASBL was written off in a spraying accident in October 1964
  • There were a few Irish helicopters operating in the UK in 60s (eg at Denham?), but none of the 300s on the EI register had even been built in 1963 - the earliest was built in 1964
  • So I then looked at Hillers, which seem more likely with the Management Aviation link. While the CAA register cannot be held as the complete story, the only Hillers that Management Aviation had registered in their name BEFORE July 63 were
    • G-AOFV 28.06.62 - cancelled as permanently withdrawn 29.04.65
    • G-AOZS 08.02.63 - cancelled as destroyed 01.09.66
    • G-APOF 17.01.63 - sold to new owner Jan-65 - so likely discountable.
  • There were a further three which were in existence in the UK prior to July 1963, and were first reg to Management Aviation AFTER July 63 - on the dates given below - and I suppose there is the possibility of late notification of change of ownership, but assuming the aircraft was written off July 1963, why would an owner progress with a paperwork change after that?
    • G-AOFL 22.01.64 - cancelled as destroyed 17.01.66
    • G-ARTG 21.01.65 - sold on 1970/1 - so likely discountable
    • G-ASIH 02.12.63 - cancelled as withdrawn from use in 1971 - seems unlikely to be your one
  • Minutes of a council meeting of Wellingborough Borough Council (close enough to your Sywell address) in Jan 2011 list a Ms J Osborn (the unusual spelling without the "e") as "Homelessness Prevention Officer" referred to elsewhere as "Jo Osborn" A document on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website gives the email address as [email protected]
  • Google did help me track down a Hiller accident in July 1963 at Loch Awe, Ford, Argyllshire of G-ARUF listed on ASN here as "Rent-a-Copter Ltd" which is a possibility given your other notes
  • Assuming the "A" is right, there were eleven Hiller 12A helicopters ever on the G register, but none mention Management Aviation (and I have not researched them further yet either)
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