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Many thanks, I appreciate your reply!

Yeah - it seems the hard part is after the whole training ordeal. I'm only 21 so it's not like time is against me, and I'm generally a patient person (especially when it's something I enjoy).

I see. For me the big bucks can wait, I'm not too bothered about having to instruct for a year or two to gain the required hours - what worries me is that it might not be in the "right" type of helicopter in terms of engine?

Right okay, that does sound promising. I'm willing to practically work anywhere anyway, I love travelling (even to places people would normally hate!)

Indeed, it's a habit of kind of looking forward that I have - It's not necessarily job security, just the prospect that there will be jobs for the inexperienced out there.

For me personally it all depends on what happens in terms of jobs and...basically coming into a certain amount of money. I'm not hinging my life on this, but it certainly is my dream career - as I'm sure it is for many.

Thanks again for your reply again, greatly appreciated!
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