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Question Advice to a newbie - from "Zero to hero"

Hey guys,

Just joined the forum, after coming across what seems to be a wealth of knowledge. I'm currently considering going down the whole line of PPL(H), hour building, CPL(H) all in order to hopefully get a helicopter pilot career at the end of it.

I have, to put it mildly, an extensive amount of questions which I simply can't really find answers to without talking to those who are in the know! So here goes:

I've looked around, and most jobs seem to require 1000+ hours at least for the majority of pilot roles I've seen. I understand why the quantity has to be so large (insurance and such) but I was wondering what the type of job (i.e. tours/charter etc) requires the least? Is there a specific employer or group of employers that are more inclined to take on an "inexperienced" pilot?

I live in Yorkshire, and whilst I'm more than happy to relocate if need be, what/where are the best priced and generally speaking the better helicopter schools? - in the North of England and beyond? Helijet and Multiflight Leeds are the closest to me and seem reasonably priced (just to give you an idea of what I've looked at)

I've read that many people seem to find flight instructing as a good route to build hours up. This seems promising and something I'd be more than happy to go into, but I was wondering what the truth is surrounding this? Also the costs of the FI(H) - again, where is the cheapest and 'best' places to undertake it.

A lot of these questions are obviously ones that I will not need answering straight away - but it seems careless to potentially throw 50k~ at the whole training cost and end up without a job at the end of it.

Without a doubt more questions will pop up into my head, but for now I hope I can leave this with you (the more knowledgeable out there) and start to think logically about what/where to do/go next!

Thank you in advance people
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