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Newsflash: JQ is Gobble's new chopper pilot in Montreal!

I was half way up Mt Noncompliance contemplating yet another FF crevasse followed by a geyser of FF pony pooh, when lo and behold JQ and Gobbles were hovering above me in a shiny new Bell 406. Gobbles manned the winch and within minutes I was pass the FF PNR onwards and upwards….we proceeded to a point 343 metres above sea level and this is what we found…

Note: Creamy touched on this NCN briefly but perhaps it needs a bit more exploring to test the FF veracity on their proposed actions/inactions (by proxi notified differences) and it is also relevant in regards to the inquiry i.e. Flight recorders err OBRs…err CVRs!

1) FF said they were going to file a difference with ICAO by 31 October 2008! Did they?
Well after much teasing, fluffing, huffing and puffing mixed in with a series of expletives (FFS there must be literally thousands of notified differences to ICAO!) while reading over the extremely convoluted AIP SUP H12/11, I finally think I’ve found it in the Annex 6 section.
Here is what it says at Para…“No standards are specified in Australian legislation for the preservation of flight recorder records.”

However after you read the Annex 6 applicable reference, to which the FAA NCN supposedly refers, you begin to wonder if the notified difference really covers it??
To preserve flight recorder records, flight recorders shall be de-activated upon completion of flight time following an accident or incident. The flight recorders shall not be re-activated before their disposition as determined in accordance with Annex 13.
Note 1.— The need for removal of the flight recorder records from the aircraft will be determined by the investigation authority in the State conducting the investigation with due regard to the seriousness of an occurrence and the circumstances, including the impact on the operation.
Note 2.— The operator’s responsibilities regarding the retention of flight recorder records are contained in 11.6.
And 11.6
11.6 Flight recorder records
An operator shall ensure, to the extent possible, in the event the aeroplane becomes involved in an accident or incident, the preservation of all related flight recorder records and, if necessary, the associated flight recorders, and their retention in safe custody pending their disposition as determined in accordance with Annex 13.
I also question the paragraph reference ‘’ (or any of the para references for that matter) and what on earth the correlation is to the applicable ICAO reference.

Note: Just out of interest I decided to explore our ANZAC ‘brothers in arms’ over the ditch and how they sort out compliance with the ICAO Annexes, in particular Annex 6. Here is what I found ‘Click Here’.

Very user friendly they even have a web page devoted to ICAO Compliance……yet another tick for the Kiwi system!

Anyway back to the FF promised actions and implementation dates…

2) “Address issue during CASR Part 91 drafting and development”…by 31 December 2008…hmm got a feeling this is heading for another FF crevasse but I could be wrong??

Ah that would be a no and also answers this proposed action by FF… 3) “Develop and promulgate CASR Part 91” by 31 December 2009!

So the jury is out but my bet is on a majority vote of 12 on this NCN!

Doin a Sundy arvo Kelpie!

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