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I believe they are up and running again this week - borrowed AOC I suppose (Jandakot Flight Centre) - so ops normal as they work their way back under the stewardship of DK and the supervision of an organisation in Perth.

I assume that CASA is getting the outcome they are after, as they must have approved Barrier to operate with JFC in writing. The concept of the borrowed AOC seems to be becoming more and more prevalent (ie AV8 and QAS in Darwin, Barrier and JFC in Cairns/Darwin - Torres and Gove to come? - just to list two).

Just not sure what fewer AOCs but same number of operators is supposed to achieve, unless it is a way to keep industry alive with the smaller operators not having to work their way through the roll out of all the new CASRs by being "grandfathered" by some larger companies, but this seems contrary to the intention...

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