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Well, I have gone back over all the fine posts made on this forum and re-introduced myself to aircraft propulsion and must offer my apology for my prior post (#143). I STAND CORRECTED and thank all of you for having patience with me. My misunderstanding was thinking of the intake as lone device "creating" thrust, not, rather as contributing to thrust by virtue of the great pressure recovery at high speeds. Also, I will take this time to correct myself, I completely miss applied the term "pressure thrust". As Gordon, and others have pointed out, ALL reaction forces in the engine and intake must be eventually felt as pressure forces distributed throughout the engine, intake and exhaust. I was using the "pressure thrust" term of positive pressure at the exhaust opening, which was not fully expanded to velocity, thereby contributing to thrust, but not as efficiently if it were converted to gas velocity. It was my miss application of the term that led me to a "serious miss understanding" of propulsion. I feel I have moved my understanding forward by quite a leap, and have you all to thank. I will read more in an effort to rid myself of ignorance and thank you all again for putting up with my lack of understanding and taking time to post and offer diagrams, it helped me much.
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