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I have taken time to look at the book you referenced. I must say, I hope, as a practicing engineer you are not using that material, it was written for the "Sunday Reader". In turbojet engineering school, you would have worked out velocity triangles for axial flow compressors? Well, the bulk of energy put into the air is swirl energy, that is slowed (diffused) by the stator blades, resulting in compression correct? The stator blades absorb forces in the rearward direction releiving what the compressor "rotor" blades put into the foward direction (Pressure thrust again). Yeah, there is an overall foward pull on the compressor shaft. If so much "foward thrust" was generated by the compressor blades, then the Harrier would be moving foward while it is in hover? The book even shows gas flow for the Harrier. I have seen thrust distributions for turbojet engines before in far greater detail than the Rolls Royce book, If I get a chance, I will dig thru some and foward them to all for study. I am not trying to poke fun, I am glad you took the time to respond, as I my learn something. I will be back, thank's for taking time to read and think.
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