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One thing the media doesn't like doing is "missing out"
and if they "miss out" on a briefing, all Police just not
talk to them, they will not like it.
You can frame that and hang it on the wall.

All my answers to the media when I was with the Marshal Service was two words. "No comment."

But in my experience with the media and law enforcment, somebody on the law enforcement side will 'leak' information. The fact that as of right now I've not heard any 'leaked' information, impresses me a lot. Someone has put the fear of God into all those taking part of the search.

As for those posting that the manpower involved in this search is too much, obviously has zero experience with hunting down a suspect/s. You use as much massive force as possible, the back-up, back-up teams, have back-up teams.

The days of the 'Raj' sending a single red coated officer to put down a uprising of natives or a single Texas Ranger to end a riot, are over.

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