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Oh dear, Dushan. Go back to page 3 and have a read.

Yes it is, but it has to be with extreme prejudice and with intent to leave no one alive on the enemy side. Total eradication.
And if it turns out to be some NRA nut, so concerned of his assault rifle being taken that he decided to take matters in to his own hands, the correct response according to Dushan shall be?
"Extreme prejudice", "enemy side", "leave no one alive". All sounds rather war-like and disproportionate if you ask me. So the question remains, if a terrorist is not someone you can declare war on, how would your proposed response work? I'd venture you wouldn't be so keen to apply it to "enemies" such as, say, Timothy McVeigh, the Wisconsin Sikh temple attacker, Andrew Stack, or the hundreds of others who have launched attacks in the US would you? But no doubt you are overjoyed to find a Muslim angle in this one.

For what it's worth, my guess is that they aren't fighting for Islamic Chechnyan independence as much as they would like to claim. Its simply an easy to grasp rallying point for their general failure to assimilate and get by in US society. Just as a red-neck might join a militia or the unemployable yob becomes a football hooligan. Doesn't make football, opposition to govt or Islam the cause.

Already a bit sad to see an article linked on Google News which makes grand mention of Afghanistan, Al Quaida, Islamic radicalism, the Taliban, etc - the "terror" buzzwords of today. I wouldn't be surprised if these chaps connection to any of those terms is about as strong as Iraq's was to the 9/11 attacks. It is, afterall, and as the bombers Amazon reading list makes clear, very easy to become a "home-grown" terrorist/bomber, flying under any flag you so wish, with no need to go looking to Al Qaida. But no doubt it massages their egos to claim so. Seizing on Islam as the central factor in this one, as is certain to happen, might be a little short sighted. Feel free to exterminate who you wish though, Dushan. Bomb Chechnya is it?
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