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I want to see justice and closure for any and all victims by way of injury or
death, that has occurred with some measure of regulatory cause as a factor
MOIE do you mean justice to take the form of injury or death to the CASA and ATSB people? I have either read that the wrong way it is the most extraordinary statement to be put into this forum!

Well it is easy really, we go to the lower house (the main house) and demand that the Minister makes the inquiry findings and recommendations a priority and addresses industry concerns ASAP as a primary Ministry concern.
Sarcs you and I both know that with an election coming up all Senate inquiries will be null and void. This Minister has rejected a request from the industry to put a junior minister in place to help him with the aviation part of his portfolio. The writs for the election get issued in August. That only gives three months for a government on the way out to do anything even if it wanted to. Any recommendations will be a part of the National archives once they are released.
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