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To Creamy well done! You have proven beyond 'reasonable doubt' that is mere folly to attack the 'dark side' on the suspicion of breaking the law, whether it be criminal, civil or administrative.

To Oleo well done! Thread back on track and all the injustices revealed and out in the open revealing an out of control regulator that has severely lost its way and in the process severely diminished the reputation of the once proud institution of the ATSB/BASI.

I would like to point out that we have now moved on from this inquiry, the report has been written the recommendations are soon to be tabled, the Senators and committee secretariat have all done their job and can do no more, so now where do we go?

Well it is easy really, we go to the lower house (the main house) and demand that the Minister makes the inquiry findings and recommendations a priority and addresses industry concerns ASAP as a primary Ministry concern. Or what?...Or be called to account for allowing such a despicable case of maladministration be allowed to continue unabated under the Ministers watch...so help me god..hic..!

Now back to the houseboat as the ferryman's put on a keg...hic..!
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