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Creampuff, good to see you bringing the thread back on track
You pose some quite interesting points, no arguments here.
Without mentioning names, groups or whatever other descriptors people want to use, a lot of us on here do have in mind our own desired outcome from the senate inquiry. There are literally hundreds of different outcomes that people want to see take place, for different reasons and relating to different items.

For all the CAsA sins on offer, and by god there are plenty, for me ultimately I want to see justice and closure for any and all victims by way of injury or death, that has occurred with some measure of regulatory cause as a factor. The actions and no accountability on CASA stemming from CASA actions, or lack of, is appalling. Lockhart is to me what Erebus is to others, a travesty of justice. At Lockhart people died and their families have a life sentence.
For those onboard the Pel Air submarine who are suffering trauma, shame or feeling like justice and truth has deserted them. Some of you will have life long scars.
For the Quadrio's, Butsons, and a number of Ppruners who have also been victimised and persecuted mercilessly beyond what is justifiable (if it ever was) will bear life long financial scars.
Then you have Canley Vale, the victims of Hempel and so the list grows...industry bullied, CAsA's own employees bullied, Government ineptitude and taxpayers fleeced. I better stop as I can't see through the steam rising from the turd...

So for gods sake can we quit the 'he said she said' crap and whoever is interested keep focused on the inquiry as the primary objective (and a bit of the odd humour, disagreement and tautology is fine). Some people use emotion in their speech, some are articulate like an English professor, some use humor and wit, some are downright smutty and some speak in riddles or poetry. Who cares!! We are all individuals and express ourselves differently, no amount of nitpicking will change any of us...

The Senators are nobody's fools, if you don't believe there is even a measure of fact or truth in some of the obvious evidence they have unearthed then you should check out now.
Creampuff, so true, are CAsA made from Teflon? Certainly it has been that way for many years. Will this be the inquiry from which the Teflon wears off? Who knows, the CAsA have some powerful backers, friends and allies. But they also have some powerful opponents, some well known and some not.

To the thread......

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